Durru Shehvar

Durru shehvar, the glamour of Indo-French Embellishment and Silhouettes, which celebrates India in its every stitch. An homage to the craftsmen and ladies of yor, who continue to inspire us .


A curated collection of Printed French Chiffon Sarees.

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Luxury Indo - French Sarees & Ensembles

Handcrafted by Rajkarigars of Dholpur

  • Maayankraj Singh

    Founder, Atelier Shikaarbagh

  • Growing up surrounded by a collection of heirloom English master paintings, one of the only collections of Edwardian costumes in India and a great wealth of experience trickling down the annals of history, Maayankraj’s educational credentials also reflect the love and appreciation of art and culture as he holds a Master in the History of Arts from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. In the year 2010, he recorded the ‘Oral History of Rajput Royal costumes ‘as a written thesis, through extensive travel and research pan India. These endeavors have profoundly sensitized him to the patronage, workmanship and various nuances of Haute Couture.

  • Maayankraj is a self-taught milliner, an antique garment restorer, a polyglot who is fluent in many regional and European languages. He is working diligently to preserve the only collection of antique garments in India.

    Atelier Shikaarbagh is currently headquartered in Kotah (Rajasthan). Maayankraj, who hails from the erstwhile aristocratic family of Kayasthpada, Dholpur, has called Kotah his second home since his family moved there in 1965.

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